We believe in the power of data

BEAM's vision is to empower professionals with dynamic product intelligence. We give a voice to products by linking siloed data to establish a community of knowledge. Everything we do follows this dream.

Our motto

Workers having more potential than passing along emails and entering data manually. We want to create a place where product users and manufacturers can connect in a safe and trustworthy environment, open and secure. Thus helping both sides achieve their goals.

Freaking magic

What is the FM in everything we build, create and share? We are constantly asking ourselves “is this FM” or “where is the FM in this”. If we can't find an answer, then we go back to the drawing board.

Stewards of data

We believe that data properly and openly managed can be beneficial for all. We always think about how we interact with our partners, customers and other stakeholders data.

Keep it simple

Have we overcomplicated the interaction, process or workflow in a way that makes it more complicated than it was previously? We are constantly trying to pull out unnecessary elements in our business and products.

Our universe

Big numbers that drive our business.


Spent in content production in 2021 (in the US market)


Annual cost of downtime on production sets


Average amount of tech assets on set


Production technology assets available

Meet the executive team

We combined decades of industry & technical experience to give BEAM the right pedigree to flourish and provide extraordinary products for the industry. We’ve worked for/with major technology & media organizations, such as CNN, Vitec Group, NASA, Airbus, Diversified, Logitech, BMW, LG, ARRI, ESPN and more.

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