Welcome to Beam

At Beam our mission is to help you gain a higher ROI from your fixed assets. We achieve this through our comprehensive suite asset management, service management, and data management tools. In this resource center we give you the information you need to start using these tools. To get started, read our Beam Basics guide below. When you're ready to get deeper, use the menu on the left of the screen to browse through our complete documentation.

Beam Basics

To access Beam go to https://app.beamdynamics.io/ and log in with your email and password. If you are using a Single Sign On (SSO) service such as OKTA, you will be prompted to use your SSO credentials.

Click on Welcome to the Beam platform!…

When you log into Beam, you can find the primary navigation menu on the left side of the interface where you will be able to access the different modules on the Beam platform. You can expand or collapse the navigation menu by clicking on the arrow on the bottom right corner of the navigation menu.

Click on Dashboard…

You can access the different modules simply by clicking on the desired Module from the navigation menu.

Here is a summary of what each module does:

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