Unique products of thousands of vendors.

Our secret sauce

BEAM strives for Intelligent Content. We believe in the transformative impact of data, artificial intelligence and automation in the media industry.

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    Receive the intel you need to keep your production fleet up and running, shortening downtimes.
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    Link each of your products to millions of dynamic data points with BeamON™, our unique database infrastructure.

Introducing BeamON™

Maintain, grow & manage your critical technology infrastructure.

BeamON Platform Preview
Beam Elements

Where product intelligence becomes control

Nobody likes surprises. Especially not in the high-pressure environment of media & broadcast production. But how do you avoid this without knowing what is really going on? BEAM’s software platform links critical vendor updates to your entire technology fleet.

Take control

Manage your entire production technology through a single user interface.
We take your inventory and enrich it with data, tags, and product intelligence. The data is organized into a clean user interface that can easily be searched, filtered and even exported to .csv for reporting purposes. We utilize tags to create logical groups of equipment or technology so that the product mix can be grouped by Studios, Control Rooms, Rack Rooms, ENG, Rental or any custom tag you choose. This makes it easy to get a grasp of “what is where” within your environment. With the use of tags, inventory lists can now have more detailed location and rental information.

Receive updates

Get access to critical vendor updates and product information related to your fleet.
A critical component of keeping productions and workflows running smoothly is updating equipment regularly with new firmware, software and security patches. Using your linked inventory list we are able to actively monitor for every related update, end of life announcement, known issue notice, and much more that relates to your products and vendors. Once an update is pushed from any of the 5,000 vendors that BEAM tracks, we identify which products it relates to within your inventory and then push the update directly to you and tell you which of your assets are affected by the update.

Migrate seamlessly

Don't worry about getting your data into BEAM, we've created a seamless onboarding process.
The crux of the BeamON platform is connecting the assets and technology you own to the correct resources directly from vendors. We’ve developed a patent pending matching algorithm that accurately matches your asset to the correct information related to the unique model # or software version you own. BEAM will ingest your inventory lists, clean and organize them, and then make matches. It’s a simple process that does not require much effort on your side. In addition to the mass ingest of your inventory initially, the platform allows you to quickly add 1 or more new assets manually within the platform.

How about taking BeamON™ for a spin?

See how our technology management platform brings ease to you and your management team.

Beam Founders in Room

What our clients say

Finance has SAP, sales has Salesforce.com. What do engineers have? We still utilize spreadsheets and whiteboards most of the time. BEAM shows us how to dramatically reduce expensive manual work.

Kal Hassan
Former VP Engineering, ABC

Over the years we tried various different systems to track critical data and updates across all our technology and studio locations but have found them all to be lacking in some way. We look forward BEAM's platform that will allow us bring it all into a single, cohesive environment for our team to access from anywhere.

Peter Sockett Profile Picture
Peter Sockett
Director Of Engineering and Operations, Capitol Broadcasting

After just 5 minutes of seeing the platform we knew the BEAM technology was going to change the game for how broadcasters manage their critical technology assets, and we immediately jumped onboard.

Andy Ruback
CEO, Flood Communications

The way you guys match tech data with vendor updates solves a very critical challenge of broadcast operations and can save them a lot of money.

Tom Dickinson
Former CTO of NEP/Bexel

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us

What is the difference between BEAM and BeamON?
BEAM Dynamics is a US-based software company that develops the technology management platform BeamON.
How many products can I manage within the platform?
As many as you want, there is no limit to the number of assets you can manage in BEAM.
What type of assets can I upload into the platform?
You can manage Hardware, Software, & Services through the BeamON platform. Additionally, if you wish to use BeamON as asset management for other items, there is a Miscellaneous asset type.
What vendors are currently supported?
Currently, we support 5,000 media industry related vendors with basic product information and about 100 key vendors with fully available data, including all product updates. The list is growing every day.
How do I receive critical vendor updates?
Any available vendor update that corresponds to your inventory asset list in BeamON can be found in the Updates Section.
Where does all my data live?
The entire platform data and data redundancy back-ups are hosted with Amazon Web Service (AWS).
How do I access the BEAM platform?
BeamON is a web-based platform and can be accessed through regular web browsers.
What does the BeamON platform cost?
We offer several annual subscription plans based on inventory value and the amount of users working with BeamON.

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