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Asset IntelligenceTM

Leverage industry-leading data and tools to improve operational efficiency, boost uptime, and increase ROI from your technology assets.

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Introducing Asset IntelligenceTM

From warranties to tickets, firmware updates to serial numbers, every piece of equipment in your production environment creates hundreds of data points. With Beam's industry-leading asset management and analytics tools you can turn that data into actionable intelligence. Uncover and troubleshoot operational bottlenecks; Make better buying decisions; And drive higher ROI from your technology assets.

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Untangle Your Product Data

Asset Intelligence™ is built on a foundation of reliable product data. That's why we built industry-leading data management tools that help you establish an accurate, enriched, and, most importantly, up-to-date inventory. Give your team a centralized repository of all the product data they could ever need.


Create a data standard across your organization. Let Beam clean and standardize your inventory, and send that data to your existing systems.

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Our product matching algorithm enriches your legacy asset records with data straight from the OEM. Till date, we've established a database on 500,000+ products from 8000+ OEMs.

mage of how Asset Intelligence enriches OEM data

Once your Beam workspace is up and running, keep your data fresh. Equip your team with the tools they need to keep asset data up to date and use our automated vendor monitoring tools to pull in relevant lifecycle, firmware, and software updates as they arise.

mage of how Asset Intelligence upkeeps OEM asset data
Image of how Asset Intelligence standardize equipment datamage of how Asset Intelligence enriches OEM datamage of how Asset Intelligence upkeeps OEM asset data

Manage Your Assets Using
A Single Integrated Toolset

Beam brings everything you need to maintain, own and, operate your assets into a single interface. With this unified approach to asset management, you can simplify communication between teams, right size your software stack (and spend), and boost productivity.

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Make downtime a thing of the past

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Ticketing & Support Workflows

An end-to-end ticketing solution with customizable workflows and reporting help you understand your service environment.
Tom Dickinson

Maintenance Tracking

Keep track of all maintenance and updates performed across your production environments. Link logs and reports directly to assets or locations.
Tom Dickinson

Asset History Log

View a detailed history of every asset from the date of purchase to the date of disposal.
Image of Asset Intelligence dashboard where data is maintained

Gain complete inventory visibility

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Advanced Filters & Grouping

Drill down to the assets or groups of assets you need to work on using internal data, tags, assignees, current status, asset risk score, warranty status, EoL status and more.
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Compliance Tracking & Management

Ensure that proper updates are made across your critical systems and that team members have complete the job assigned.
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Asset Data & Configuration Management

Keep track of all asset, workflow and location data in a single platform. Your data is linked to make it easier and quicker to access information and resolve problems.
Image of Asset Intelligence dashboard where data is maintained

Supercharge productivity

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Project Scheduling

Schedule projects, rentals and deployments of your assets and team, and plan for purchase needs based on availability of assets.
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Movement & Location Tracking

Know the current location of every asset you own and track the movement of assets between internal locations or external parties.
Tom Dickinson

Task Management

Generate tasks for your team that are tied to specific assets, projects or locations.

Leverage Data To
Make Better Decisions

With all your data and tools in one place, you can turn your asset management into asset intelligence™. Apply predictive intelligence to your inventory to uncover and address inefficiencies that sapping your productivity are costing you money.

Image of how Asset Intelligence Analytics dashboard
Tom Dickinson

Site-based Analytics

Access facility and multi-facility insights on your technology estate. Uncover trends that help reduce maintenance spend.
Tom Dickinson

Root Cause Analysis

Investigate the root causes of recurring issues to prevent them from happening again.
Tom Dickinson

Predictive Intelligence

Dynamically calculate asset risk based on dozens of data points and use that score to prevent downtime before it happens.
Tom Dickinson

Automated Lifecycle Monitoring

Stay on top of software, firmware, and lifecycle updates using our Lifecycle Data Monitor. Receive timely notifications as updates are posted.

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