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Manage more technology assets with less effort and risk.

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Where product intelligence becomes control

Nobody likes surprises. Especially not in the high-pressure environment of broadcast and film productions. But how do you avoid this without knowing what is really going on with your technology assets? Beam's asset intelligence platform links critical vendor updates to your entire inventory.

Platform Benefits


Setup and manage all hardware, software and service assets in one place in the cloud. Track assets by status, location, employees and workflows.


Populate your asset inventory by selecting from Beam Verified 500K+ pro A/V product catalog from 1,000+ OEMs.


Customize your asset data for the information you care most about. Create custom data fields, customize the Beam app views and export your data for internal use or back into other enterprise systems.


Receive firmware and software updates from vendors in real-time to maximize cyber security, enhance functionality and extend your asset life.


Monitor and plan based on current and projected asset downtime, service events and end of life.


Automated categorization and data enhancement functionality make setting up, browsing and managing your inventory a breeze.

How does it work


Valuable predictive capabilities around downtime and potential issues.

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Tom Dickinson
Former CTO, NEP/Bexel

Finance has SAP. Sales has Salesforce. Engineers now have Beam.

Tom Dickinson
Kal Hassan
Former VP of Engineering, ABC

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many products can I manage within the platform?
As many as you want, there is no limit to the number of assets you can manage in Beam.
What type of assets can I upload to the platform?
You can manage hardware, software, & services through the Beam platform. Additionally, if you wish to use Beam as asset management for other items, there is a miscellaneous asset type.
How do I receive asset updates?
Any available vendor update that corresponds to your inventory asset list in Beam can be found in the updates section.
How do I access the Beam platform?
Beam is a cloud software and can be accessed through regular web browsers if you have a platform subscription.