Asset Management Built For Production Teams

With Beam, you get all the tools and data you need to manage your production environment under one roof.

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Simplify Your Asset Management Stack

Most teams use a patchwork of software, PDFs, emails, messages, and even sticky notes to keep track of assets. Finding the right information when you need it becomes an arduous back and forth between several stakeholders. With Beam, you get all the functionality you need to manage your technology assets in one easy-to-use tool.

Asset Tracking

Know exactly where every asset in your inventory is and what condition it's in.

Activity History

Keep a log of every move and update an asset makes from purchase to decomissioning

Knowledge Base

Beam automatically collect and organizes all the relevant resources for your assets.

License Management

Track licenses across your inventory. Ensure that all of your assets are compliant.

Configuration Tracking

Create and manage configs in a centralized resource that's accessible to all who need it.

Manufacturer Insights

Aggregate and analyze data at the manufacturer and model levels.

Asset Scheduling

Manage reservations, assignees, locations, and more right from your inventory.

Multi-site Oversight

Group trends and analysis at the site-level to compare asset health between locations

Image of beam product application matching with wide companies and teams

Augment Your Asset Listings With Manufacturer Data

Whether you’re a camera operator, engineer, or financial analyst, you need access to up-to-date asset data to do your job well. Beam’s Product Matching Algorithm searches manufacturer webpages and collects data and resources relevant to your assets.

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Image of beam asset management tracking dashboard to never miss update

Never Miss
Another Update

Tracking thousands of products across dozens of manufacturers for updates is a Herculean task. That’s why we automated the process. Beam tracks manufacturer webpages for new firmware, software, and security updates and informs you when they arise.

Image of beam asset management features helping in data analysis to make better decision

Make Your Data
Work for You

Beam turns your asset maintenance and usage data into actionable business intelligence. Predict downtime before it happens, identify operational bottlenecks, and plug financial leaks to grow your bottom line.

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