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How PSSI Manages Cutting-edge Transmission Technology Using Beam

PSSI Global Services uses Beam to manage its state-of-the-art satellite trucks and massive teleport facility. We spoke to them about what they used before and why they chose Beam

June 18, 2024
How PSSI Manages Cutting-edge Transmission Technology Using Beam

Behind every crisp feed of a live event is a transmission provider that works tirelessly to own, operate, and maintain the equipment to distribute that feed. PSSI Global Services is one of the leading players in this space and at the core of their operations is a fleet of state-of-the-art satellite trucks and a massive teleport facility, both equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless broadcast transmission. These trucks are meticulously maintained and managed to ensure that millions of viewers get access to high-quality live broadcasts of their favorite events. To manage these assets smoothly, PSSI uses Beam’s Asset Intelligence Platform. We spoke to them about what their asset management system looked like before and why they made the switch to Beam.

How PSSI Managed Assets Before Beam

PSSI's old asset management setup was rigid and unable to adapt to the evolving needs of the organization. All the systems they used were built to spec for outdated workflows and adjusting them to accommodate even minor process tweaks was painful, if not impossible. Every time PSSI’s engineering team needed to tweak their processes, the system could not adjust, causing delays and operational inefficiencies. 

Additionally, every element of PSSI’s setup was siloed into different systems that could not talk to each other. Ticketing, scheduling, and inventory were managed with separate tools even though their workflows were interdependent. This had two consequences. First, it made onboarding and decommissioning assets unnecessarily time-consuming. Any asset that was added or removed from their inventory had to simultaneously be updated in the inventory, scheduling, and ticketing systems. Any missed update could result in chaos. Second, the fragmentation of workflows resulted in the fragmentation of data. The result was that if a stakeholder needed asset data from a system that was managed by another team, they would waste hours, if not days, coordinating that data handoff over email, phone calls, and messages.

Suffice it to say the system could not keep up with PSSI’s pace and something had to change.

The Switch To Beam

Switching to Beam has been a game-changer for PSSI. With Beam’s Asset Intelligence Platform, PSSI can now manage every workflow from ticketing to scheduling to asset management in one interface and toolset.

The benefits have been clear. First, Beam’s flexible data object system allows PSSI’s engineers to iterate on its processes at the pace they desire, not the pace imposed by their software vendors. The team can easily add or remove fields from asset listings and adjust steps in their workflow as needed. "Beam’s flexibility has allowed us to adapt quickly and efficiently," says Clint Bergeson, VP of Operations at PSSI. "We can now make changes in real-time without any hassle."

Second, since Beam brings all of their asset-related workflows under one roof, data upkeep and sharing is simple. If an asset is onboarded or decommissioned, that change translates into the inventory, ticketing system, and scheduling system in real-time without additional human input. Similarly, since all data lives in one software, every stakeholder has access to the data they need right when they need it. "Having all our data in one place has been a huge time-saver," Bergeson adds. "We no longer have to chase down information from multiple sources."

Furthermore, Beam’s product matching algorithm enriches PSSI’s asset listings with real-time manufacturer information, including documentation, firmware updates, lifecycle statuses, and warranties. This feature has been particularly valuable for PSSI’s engineers, who no longer need to spend hours searching for critical information. Instead, they have everything they need at their fingertips, allowing them to focus on maintaining and optimizing their broadcast and transmission equipment. "The real-time access to manufacturer data has streamlined our maintenance processes," Bergeson notes. "Our engineers can now focus on what they do best—keeping our broadcasts flawless."

With Beam, PSSI has transformed its asset management, achieving a level of efficiency and reliability that was previously unattainable. They are now better equipped to handle the demands of live broadcast transmission, ensuring that their broadcasts are always seamless and of the highest quality. Beam has not only improved their operational processes but also given them the tools to continue leading the industry with confidence. "Beam has revolutionized the way we manage our assets," concludes Bergeson. "We’re now operating at a higher level of efficiency and reliability than ever before."

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