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TV Azteca chooses Beam Dynamics to Transform Technology Management

Beam Dynamics is implementing its Asset Intelligence Platform™ for TV Azteca

November 16, 2023
TV Azteca chooses Beam Dynamics to Transform Technology Management

Winston-Salem NC, Nov. 17, 2023: Beam Dynamics, a leader in technology lifecycle management, is implementing its Asset Intelligence Platform™ for TV Azteca. The new system will streamline TV Azteca's daily operations by consolidating asset tracking, upgrades, lifecycle management, and service ticketing into a single, unified platform. This integration will enhance TV Azteca's preventive and corrective maintenance and support activities, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of its technological assets.

TV Azteca, a part of Grupo Salinas, is the second-largest media enterprise in Mexico, broadcasting multiple television networks in the country and the surrounding region; operating studio centers and post production facilities; and serving new media outlets. As such, it is dependent upon a large amount of technology, with equipment from hundreds of distinct vendors.

The Beam Asset Intelligence Platform is a data-driven approach to technology asset management that combines financial, operational, and technical data to deliver unparalleled insight into a company’s technology estate. Beam transforms the management of technology assets and gives a comprehensive overview of the asset inventory, along with powerful tools such as firmware updates, end of life notifications and issue resolution steps.

Beam is powered by an unparalleled product database composed of 500,000+ products from 8,000+ OEMs. This large data set means that in addition to tracking service tickets and repairs, it also has the ability to predict future issues, perform root-cause analysis, and to determine when it is best to repair, upgrade or replace products.

“We have a very large technology estate, and our business depends upon us keeping our infrastructure operating,” said Moisés Pérez Treviño, Director of Engineering at TV Azteca. “What Beam has shown us is that we can accumulate all the data in one place and use it to prevent failures, and to become more agile in effectively maintaining and supporting our operations.

“We have been impressed with how the Beam team understands our business and our requirements,” Treviño continued. “They have worked with us to create a clean core database and showed us how to use the data to make our operations more reliable and more efficient.”

David Kaszycki, CEO at Beam Dynamics added “Running a large-scale media enterprise like TV Azteca is a complex business, which needs management input and oversight from engineering, operations and financial leaders. Our Asset Intelligence Platform brings all the information into one place, from resource management to logistics, and presents it in an intuitive, natural user interface that is tailored for each user.

“The partnership between TV Azteca and Beam is proving to be very exciting,” he said. “I am confident we will learn from each other as we collaborate on new product functionality, and we will continue to support TV Azteca to reach their strategic objectives especially when it comes to analyzing data and information to track innovation, refresh existing assets, or explore innovative approaches”.

The installation and data intake process at TV Azteca is currently underway. The system is expected to go live on 15 January 2024.

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