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July 2024

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Improvements to tickets and more

June 27, 2024
UI Improvments
Bug Fixes


  • The Notifications Configuration Panel has been moved from Configuration (which is now 100% dedicated to account administration) to the User Profile menu
  • Tickets have been optimized when only one Ticket Type is used: We’ll no longer have a menu item for the Type, creating a ticket will no longer require type confirmation and the external ticket form will omit the ticket type input.
  • We’ve reworded the Reservations and Ticket Relationships sections for clarity and to reduce repetition
  • Ticket Permissions: Now only Admins will be able to delete tickets
  • Tickets: We released a simple Ticket PDF Export (more iterations to come)
  • R2 Integration: Now it will require users to prove an `Employee ID` before allowing the user to see any of the integration information. Additionally, we’ll use it to log actions from the integration. This added security enables the integration to be used by more users (other than admins)
  • Filter V2: Reduced unnecessary calls to the server when interacting with Filters from Inventory

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing attachments from being removed from a ticket
  • Fixed an issue with slow performance when expanding a row in the import module if too many assets were part of the product group
  • Solved a validation issue on Inventory Filter causing the feature to break the view.

Small Update, Big Improvements

July 3, 2024
UI Improvments
Bug Fixes


  • Inventory now supports support bulk asset Check-in and Check-out via Quick Actions
  • Attachments are now supported in Reservations
  • Improved the truncation point in the Reservations title to make better use of the space available

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing task changes to notify all Beam users
  • Fixed an issue where disabled notifications are still being delivered to users

Reservations Launch Is Approaching

July 8, 2024
New Functionality
UI Improvments
Bug Fixes


  • Reservations have seen a lot of updates:
    • Along with group by tags, grouping by people is now supported
    • We’ve made the events in the calendar change colors based on their status
    • In the grouped view of a calendar, we now display more information at a glance for each event (ID#, Booked By, Destination)
    • To better understand availability, we now display tags and people without reservations on grouped view
    • The list view now has a column for "Assets Groups" showing the tags added to the reservation


  • Inventory now supports support bulk asset Check-in and Check-out via Quick Actions
  • Attachments are now supported in Reservations
  • Improved the truncation point in the Reservations title to make better use of the space available

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing task changes to notify all Beam users
  • Fixed an issue where disabled notifications are still being delivered to users

More Upgrades To Reservations

June 24, 2024
New Functionality
UI Improvments
Bug Fixes


  • Added the following to Reservations: History, Cloning, Column Configuration, Export Reservation List to CSV, and Improved Filter Support. 
  • Inventory now supports caching, which should result in repeated querying returning results much faster!


  • Adjusted Section Quantity and Styling in Reservations to be consistent with tickets
  • Added an indicator for tag availability in Reservation creation/edit modal
  • Added support for multiple Assignees for tickets
  • Add Invited By to invites
  • View attachments without downloading

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug with reservation dates after cloning
  • Fixed an issue causing more than one asset to be visible from 1 creation event
  • 'Mention' in activity history should no longer redirect to the inventory page
  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of new tickets from the inventory quick actions
  • Fixed an issue where filters from the inventory page are visible on the bulk-items page
  • Fixed an issue where R2 menus were not working

Reservations & Bulk Items In Beta

May 31, 2024
New Module

Today we are excited to launch two new modules to beta

The Reservations Module

Reservations have been one of the most requested features since we launched Beam, and makes sense why. At Beam, we believe that an integrated approach to asset management produces better results and project management has been a missing piece in that puzzle for us. The Reservations module fixes that.

With the Reservations module, you can:

  • Schedule and track equipment usage.
  • View reservations simple calendar view.
  • Link assets (and all their associated data) to reservations
  • Make double booking a thing of the past with an in-built availability manager

The Bulk Items Module

Not everything in your inventory needs a full fledged inventory listing. But it still needs to be tracked. Even something as basic as a roll of tape, needs to be in stock and you need

With the Bulk Items you can:

  • Track accessories and consumable.
  • Monitor stock levels of bulk items
  • Add stock items to equipment reservations

Ticket Optimizations Galore

May 9, 2024
UI Improvments
Bug Fixes


  • Adjusted Quick Actions status update to allow status note to be set as well
  • Allowed for tickets to be created with an empty status
  • Enhanced ticket import functionality to allow for “closed date”
  • Improved Ticket Board View when no tickets are assigned to user
  • Added Delete option to Purchases option menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ticket board count issue
  • Fixed error while adding selectable values in Custom Field 
  • Fixed errors associated with how purchase links were showing (or not showing) on Ticket Details dialog
  • Fixed issue where the tickets section of dashboard was crashing the app
  • Fixed error with Filter by Date in Tickets
  • Fixed error where status chances were not being reflected in activity history.

Better ticket filters, more useful asset search and more

April 12, 2024
Bug Fixes
UI Improvments


  • Added ability to filter by status for tickets and purchases
  • Added the ability to search assets by barcode custom fields


  • Added link to documentation in Help & Resources menu
  • Fixed “See in Inventory” button in the Import Module
  • Adjusted import module so that when choosing "Not my product" for an Approximate match, "Find Match" menu automatically opens up
  • Fixed sort functionality for file details view in data import 
  • Added the ability to specify Created Date when importing Tickets and Purchases


  • Fixed export all assets functionality so that custom fields are also exported
  • Fixed priority field in purchases to display correct values
  • Fixed error with user invites not being sent
  • Fixed bugs associated with clearing filters on inventory page
  • Fixed form validation issues associated with creating new ticket statuses
  • Fixed Data Import module to reflect Quick Added Assets
  • Fixed delete ticket button to respond quicker to being clicked
  • Fixed ticket types so that when a status is deleted, statuses from other ticket types are not shown as replacement options
  • Fixed ticket count on the asset page

An Improved Reservations Module And More

June 17, 2024
New Functionality
Bug Fixes
UI Improvments


  • Reservations Custom Fields - Reservations now support custom fields to store information that's unique to your team's workflow


  • Reservations: Tag group has seen UI consistency improvements
  • Reservations on Asset Page: Reduced columns to improve the visibility of the most important information
  • Reservations: Group by tags is now visible independently of the Week/Month selector
  • Reservations: Asset Details now accessible Adding Tags and Tags section
  • Vendor Data: Product Weight and Dimensions now supported as data in asset page and inventory page (as configurable columns)
  • Main Menu Items now behave as weblinks allowing “open on new tab” behavior
  • Ticket title now properly uses all of the available heading space before truncating

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where time on activity history is showing 24hr time with a PM/AM
  • Fixed an issue where duplicates the status category were visible for reservations
  • Fixed wrong matches made by importer with product name
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong ticket ID was exported when exporting tickets
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong status was being displayed on Status Changed email notification
  • Fixed an issue where a ticket ID was getting assigned for tickets before saving, causing IDs to be “skipped”
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect equipment count and unavailability status of tags were displayed in reservation
  • Asset status email notifications should now only be sent to the user assigned to the asset, before it was being sent to all users
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Product Count was being displayed for Imported files
  • Fixed an issue where deleted assets were still visible in Reservations
  • Fixed an issue where using "Group by Tag" was causing Reservations to crash
  • Fixed an issue in the importer column validation

A New Way To Manage Contacts

March 21, 2024
New Module

Contacts are now a new entity type (akin to tickets and assets) in the Beam workspace. These new contact entities can be set up in your Account Configuration and be reference-able across Beam modules, making it easier to associate assets and tickets with the people who care most about them. 

Why we're making this change

In short, to make collaboration easier. Asset Management and Service Management are team sports, and having a way to tag your teammates with assets and tickets that are relevant to them makes for better communication and more seamless collaboration. This functionality is especially useful to collaborate with stakeholders who don’t work at your organization and don’t have Beam user profiles to reference (think vendor account managers, manufacturer contacts, etc.).

Getting Started

To learn more about the new Contacts entity, check out our documentation on the feature.

Added Purchase Functionality, UI Improvements, and More

March 19, 2024
UI Improvments
New Functionality
Bug Fixes

New Functionality

  • Added ability to set a primary currency so that I can track costs in one currency.
  • Enabled Tickets to use ticker number as a studio-specific numbering scheme instead of a primary key.


  • Added custom field type for numbers.
  • Removed unused custom field types and configuration.
  • Fixed the way approximate match is displayed under identification status.
  • Changed the way multiple tags are separated in exported CSVs from "&" to ",".
  • Simplified the way tickets are displayed on asset pages.
  • Changed the location of the clear button in inventory filters.
  • Changed Inventory asset table so that checkbox selector and asset image are fixed on side scroll.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where "Draft" tickets are visible from the board view but not the list view
  • Fixed issue where department and category fields were not displaying correctly in the conflict resolution approval window.
  • Fixed issue allowing the change of Custom Field Type in Configuration of new entities, even when the custom field is in use.
  • Fixed issue preventing contacts from being connected with Assets during Onboarding.
  • Fixed identification issue where updating inventory product to identified status does not correctly reflect as identified.
  • Fixed issue where "Open History" was not functioning in the activity history module.
  • Fixed issue preventing ticket creation through an external form.
  • Fixed inconsistency between Task and Ticket's history time date format and the asset details page history time date format.
  • Fixed the Quick Add issue in Onboarding.
  • Fixed issue where Purchase Category doesn't get added when creating a new purchase.
  • Fixed issue where new Ticket #s were not searchable from the search bar.
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