Enrich Your Asset Data On Autopilot

Enrich your data, distribute it across your systems, and keep it fresh, all without lifting a finger.

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Image of beam data enrichment with different systems

Give Your Team The Data They Need
To Make Good Decisions

Whether you’re operating a camera, loading a truck, or fulfilling a purchase order, you need access to relevant data to make good decisions. Beam ensures that you have access to the data you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Image of beam product application matching with wide companies and teams

Access High Quality Asset Data Straight From The Source

Manufacturer data is essential to production workflows, but it’s a pain to lookup. Beam solves this by centralizing manufacturer data. We collect lifecycle statuses, product specs, warranty statuses, manuals and much more so that you don’t have to.. Just give us your model numbers and we’ll handle the rest.

Image of data standardization using beam asset management

Create A Data Standard Across Your Teams And Systems

One asset can have five different names depending on who in the organization you ask. This makes communication across departments slow and cumbersome. With Beam, you can create a single data standard for your organization and send it directly into all your organization’s existing business systems using an API connection.

Image of data upkeep using beam asset management

Keep Your Data Fresh On Autopilot

Data enrichment isn’t a one-time task, it’s an ongoing process. After your initial import, Beam monitors the web for any changes to your assets’ statuses and software. Spend less time manually updating excel sheets and SharePoint drives and more time running your production environment.

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The Beam Data Enrichment Process
Built For Accuracy

Any asset you upload to Beam gets enriched by Beam’s Product Enrichment Algorithm and then goes through two rounds of human verification to ensure that only the most accurate data reaches your inventory.

1. Intake

We work with your team to map out your existing dataverse and establish an onboarding plan.

2. Quick ID

We match your asset data against our dynamic database of over 500k broadcast products.

3. Deep ID

If a product doesn't yet exist in our database, the proprietary Beam crawler searches the web for relevant data.

4. Data QA

The Beam DQA team fills in the gaps and ensures that your Beam instance is ready to deploy.

5. Handoff

Your Beam instance is ready for primetime! We will give your team everything they need to get started.

No Matter How Messy Your Dataset
We Can Process It

We get it. Every fancy new piece of software looks great in theory. But if implementation is messy, it’s a no go. That’s why we've optimized our data import process for simplicity. No matter how large or complex your asset data is, we can get it imported, enriched, verified and handed off painlessly.

Quick Add

Select from Beam’s 500K asset database.


.csv & .xls import of existing asset lists.

OCR Scanning

Upload invoices & packing slips.

IP Discovery

Device discovery across the IP network.

3rd Party Audit

Audit inventory with a system integrator.

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