Service Management Built For Production Teams

With Beam, you get all the tools and data you need to manage your production environment under one roof.

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Image of beam service management asset centered ticketing module

Introducing Asset-Centered Ticketing

When you create a ticket in Beam, it is linked to all related assets from your inventory, giving you access to maintenance history, usage history, product specs, documentation, and much more, right from your ticketing system. Tackle every ticket with the information you need to come up with the right solution.

Image of beam product application matching with wide companies and teams

Data Straight From The Source

Beam finds and collects lifecycle data, warranty status, documentation, specs, and much more directly from manufacturer pages and adds it to your asset listings. Spend less time scouring manufacturer pages for information and more time resolving tickets.

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Image of beam service management notification about your tasks and updates

Get Started In Days Not Weeks

We get it. Even if your current ticketing system isn’t perfect, it’s already been implemented. Starting anew will be a hassle, no matter how compelling the new system is. That’s why we designed Beam with ease-of-implementation in mind. With Beam you can migrate your ticketing data, customize your workspace, and get started in a matter of days.

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Image of beam service management center maintenance intelligence dashboard

Unlock Maintenance Intelligence

Gain a bird’s-eye-view of your entire service organization. Analyze your maintenance history to identify which assets, products, manufacturers, and workflows are costing you and predict downtime before it arises. Use these insights to inform your service strategy and extend the lifespan of your assets.

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