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Beam Dynamics at IBC 2023

Beam will be showcasing our data-led approach to optimizing your third-party technology.

August 21, 2023
Beam Dynamics at IBC 2023

Beam Dynamics is focusing its spotlight on managing multi-vendor technology assets. Its intelligent, vendor agnostic, data-driven approach ensures that broadcasters and media businesses understand and optimize their technology platforms to more effectively manage the complete lifecycle of their investments.  

Beam offers a comprehensive system for tracking live statuses, locations, and operations of all technology assets. The system maintains a visible log of both the current and historical technical and financial performance of every equipment piece, ranging from production assets like cameras, lenses, and accessories to a full studio and playout infrastructure.

“Today's media businesses manage thousands of technology assets sourced from various vendors, purchased at different times, and utilized in diverse locations and workflows”, said David Kaszycki, co-founder and CEO of Beam Dynamics.  Traditional spreadsheets and self-developed systems can no longer efficiently track these interconnected products and applications amid the complexity of the technological landscape.

“Does your technology estate have pending software or firmware updates? Do you face recurring challenges that demand immediate attention? Are there constraints in your tech capability due to certain limitations? These are not easy questions to answer: Beam was designed to address these issues by offering a comprehensive, intelligent solution. It provides a single, reliable source of data on technology status, usage, and ongoing updates, enabling media companies to focus on producing and delivering quality content,” Kaszycki added.  

Combining information from the customer’s own ERP and financial platforms, with engineering reports and logistics, then adding the most up to date published technical information and software updates from every manufacturer, Beam provides a central repository for the status of the technology inventory, at every location, department, rack or machine room.

Users see at a glance where upgrades or modifications are required, where new versions are available, and when devices or applications are nearing the end of manufacturer supported life. Beam tracks where and when equipment is scheduled and used to provide actionable utilization statistics, and is compatible with existing support ticketing systems.  

The result is comprehensive information across the estate. For smaller businesses, it provides complete visibility on performance, and helps determine when equipment must be taken out of service for updates. For larger, multi-site enterprises, it tracks performance trends: if an issue is raised at one location, you can see if this is happening elsewhere, helping develop plans for remediation.

“Beam has caught the eye of broadcasters and station groups by helping them identify and decommission outdated technology assets, resulting in immediate cost savings”, Kaszycki concluded. “Beam aims to reduce both tangible and intangible costs across organizations by offering detailed insights into their technical capabilities, operational availability, and investment planning. It presents an accurate picture of their technological estate's performance and provides immediate access to the total cost of ownership data, thereby guiding technology investment planning, procurement, and effective supplier relations.”

David Kaszycki and his colleagues will be at IBC2023 to demonstrate the simplicity of Beam and how it will transform technology lifecycle investment and management.

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