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Integration Available for R2 Software

Beam Dynamics announces a new integration with R2 from Unique Business Systems.

August 24, 2023
Integration Available for R2 Software

Los Angeles, CA. Winston-Salem, NC. Unique Business Systems (UBS), a leading provider of enterprise rental operations management software for the Audio-Visual industry and Beam Dynamics (Beam), an enterprise asset management technology provider for the media industry, today announced a partnership that brings the Beam Asset Intelligence Platform to UBS customers utilizing the R2 Software. The platform provides R2 customers with enhanced product data and access to Beam’s dynamic product library.

The integration between Beam and R2 builds upon the solid foundation and customer partnerships that UBS has earned through 35+ years of successful inventory management software deployments. R2 runs rental operations in some of the largest and globally well-respected Pro-AV and production companies. This partnership will extend the benefit portfolio of R2 and bring a dynamic data solution to all existing R2 customers through an integration.

Beam’s Asset Intelligence Platform is an enterprise asset management solution with built-in data. Companies upload a list of their hardware and software inventory, and Beam provides dynamic up-to-date information on firmware updates, documentation, and detailed asset history in a common user interface. The platform boasts data from over 5,000 manufacturers, covering a majority of broadcast and production vendors.

This partnership enhances the R2 customer experience by ensuring that A/V companies have access to the latest information about their assets, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

“We are thrilled to take yet another huge step forward in inventory management and optimization through our partnership with Beam Dynamics” states Vic Khosla, Vice President, Business Development at UBS. “We partner with hundreds of the most progressive production organizations in the world and know that this will make a positive impact to their inventory operations”.

“UBS has gained the respect as the premiere inventory management platform in our industry, and we are thrilled to solidify this partnership” states David Kaszycki, Beam Dynamics CEO. “The partnership is a clear win-win and will bring Beam Asset Intelligence into the hands of thousands of users of R2.

About Unique Business Systems

In 1984 UBS launched a software suite to revolutionize the audio-visual rental market. Our vision was simple: provide leading software solutions to meet our customers unique rental needs. Today we are a global leader in the rental software industry. Our R2 software provides comprehensive benefits to help you control and manage all aspects of your daily rental operations. It is built on a solid foundation of over 35+ years of experience and feedback from the global audio visual rental industry. More information about Unique Business Systems is available at

About Beam Dynamics

Beam Dynamics is an enterprise asset management platform with built-in data. Beam’s Asset Intelligence Platform™ is the industry’s first solution to dynamically manage all aspects of an assets lifecycle from purchase to management to the end of life. Beam has been deployed at some of the largest broadcast and production environments in the world, providing engineers a purpose-built tool to effectively manage their critical technology infrastructure. More information about Beam Dynamics is available at

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