Unlock The Power Of Your Purchase Data

With Beam’s Purchase Management module, you can not only track purchase data, but also identify and fix financial leaks in your organization.

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Image of beam purchase management module
Image of beam purchase management module to track, create and organize purchase

Create, Track, and Organize Purchases

With Beam, you get all the functionality you need to manage your purchases in an intuitive interface. All data is stored on the cloud and view and edit access can be gated based on role and department.

Image of beam purchase ticketing and inventory module with deep integration

Deep Integration With Ticketing And Inventory

By co-locating, service tickets, inventory and purchases in one tightly integrated tool, you are simplifying your software stack, and un-siloing teams that would otherwise be working in their own gated systems. The end result is faster communication and higher productivity.

Image of beam purchase management module showcasing purchase data

Make Your Purchase Data Work For You

Organizing your purchasing data and linking it with relevant usage and maintenance data, unlocks business intelligence that can save you money. Identify which products, manufacturers, and workflows are leaking money and use that insight to inform your procurement strategy.

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