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Provide customers a better experience, increase service efficiency, and add a SaaS component to your revenue.

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Image of system integration platform managing, control, standardizing assets all in one place

System Integrators Are
Leaving Money On The Table

Mission-critical data is siloed across departments and systems resulting in inefficient processes that cost organizations profitability.

Image of data fragmentation
Inefficient Communication

Too many hand-offs are causing critical data & insights to be fall through the cracks.

Uninformed Decision-making

When you don't have access to comprehensive data, you can't make informed decisions.

Lack Of  System Interoperability

Internal systems lack external knowledge that can aid in deployment & integration.

Asset Intelligence™ Is The Solution

Beam's Asset Intelligence™ Platform brings all the data and tools you need to effectively manage your assets under one roof.

Image of asset intelligence dashboard
Standardize Data Across Systems

Create a data standard across your organization. Get all your tools to speak a common language.

Foster Better Decision-making

Get the right data to the right people at the right time so that they can make the right decisions.

Identify Data Links That Matter

Establish critical relationships between data across systems and uncover insights that reduce cost.

What's In The Box

The Beam Asset Intelligence Platform brings all the tools and data you need to be successful under one roof.

Mitigate Risk

Whether it's a cable or a server, know exactly what is in your inventory and what condition it's in.

Data Enrichment

Automatically enrich your inventory with product specs, warranty status, lifecycle status, and more.

Ticketing & Servicing

A complete ticketing solution, with mission-critical asset data baked in to help engineers make better decisions.

Asset Intelligence

Leverage maintenance, usage, and purchasing data to identify inefficiencies and boost productivity.

Knowledge Base

Beam's algorithm automatically collects and organize all the relevant resources for your assets.

Configuration Tracking

Beam's algorithm tracks firmware, software, and security updates and notify you when they arise.

Project Management

Everything you need to track and manage projects. Manage reservations, assignees, locations, and more.

Purchase Management

Create, categorize, and track purchases. Link your purchases with relevant tickets and inventory listings.

A Secure Data Layer Between You And Your Clients

Beam creates a standardized & common data set that provides a customized portal for each customer, and easy access for SI’s to all critical customer deployment and life cycle data.

Image showing how the data between you and your client is secured

Create Revenue & Reduce Expenses

With Beam, you can drive value directly to your bottom-line. Reduce costs while improving customer experience by giving customers the resources they need to understand their deployment better and self-resolve queries. Grow revenue by adding a SaaS component to your SLAs.

Add A SaaS Component To Your SLAs

Add a SaaS component to your SLA and build additional services around Beam.

Resolve Service Issues Faster

View product & customer data side-by-side. Access asset lifecycle history & config data

Reduce Inbound Client Requests

Deliver a pre-built service portal to clients. Provide vendor service resources & data.

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