May 19, 2022

7 Tips for Onboarding into BeamON™

7 Tips for Onboarding into BeamON™

Getting started with BEAM is simple, but to make the process even smoother, below are the top tips for making your (and our) life easier during the process. Remember, onboarding is not only about getting your data into BEAM, it’s also about configuring and setting up your space so that it can deliver accurate reporting and fit well within your workflow. 

  1. Get a Grip on your Asset Data - BEAM can ingest all of your equipment and inventory data, but we often see that this data is spread across multiple spreadsheets or ERP systems. Organizing this data into a single .csv makes it better for both you and us in the long run.  Use our template to get started. 
  2. Don’t forget custom fields - Often we hear after initial import that a field was not added. It’s simple for us to add it at any time, but since you will be updating a changing data after import into BEAM, it’s always easier to get ahead of this to prevent rework later. 
  3. What reports do you need to generate? - Thinking through the reports you want to generate can help inform what data fields we’ll need in the platform. Thinking about this in advance allows us to put placeholders in, even if you’re not ready to use them. An example is tracking warranties, if we don’t have the purchase date then we can’t tell you if your warranty is active. 
  4. Map Out Equipment Location & Departments - BEAM utilizes tags (and tag types) to create logical groupings of your equipment and technology. An essential part of managing equipment is properly tagging it by location, kit, type, user,  status, etc. Planning out how you will want to utilize tags early on helps with initial set up. Also think about how you want to use tags to report on different locations or equipment groups, because tags are a great way to filter results within BEAM.  
  5. Who is your team? - What individuals within your organization need access to the platform, and what do you want them to be able to do, or not to do, within the platform? 
  6. Workflow - BEAM should supplement and enhance your existing workflows. If we can better understand the workflow of technology management by your team in advance, that helps us better set up your platform and train your team to be in line with your workflows. 
  7. What existing tools do you use to manage work? - Knowing whether you use Zen Desk or Jira or Slack to help you manage and maintain equipment is important, as BEAM can integrate with these solutions. Understanding how these systems are used helps us design your data in a way that we can connect to them via API in the future. 

While these are the best practices for getting onboarded into BeamON, don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out just yet. You will work with a BEAM Team member throughout the process and we won’t hand everything over until you’re completely satisfied and ready. 

If you have more questions about the onboarding process or if you have a large dataset to migrate and want more information on APIs, please reach out to our implementation team here

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